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If you check out JEGS or Summit they have many Residual Pressure Valves for brake systems designed to prevent backflow in lines. Of course they can only flow in one direction, from master to wheel cylinder, so that may allow some air entrainment anywhere past the point of disconnect, that's unavoidable. But they will prevent the line & master from getting air in them so it minimizes how much bleeding you might have to do.

Bleeding's an easy job if you make up a cheapo one-man bleeder of a piece of rubber fuel line to fit over the wheel cylinder bleed nipple, running down into a little relish jar or similar, with tip of bleed hose submerged under about an inch of fluid in jar. With all connected just crack the nipple and pump pedal a few times, keeping a close eye on fluid level in master. Close nipple & check pedal pressure. If all good I crack it again for one more stroke of pedal then seal it up. Neat & clean plus you can get a visual on condition of fluid coming out. Because of thickness of fuel line it can get a little tippy so a larger sort of jar is better to help keep it upright, say 16 oz.. is best.
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