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Originally Posted by trc.rhubarb View Post
The lift started life as an industrial lift table that a previous owner hacked up a bit and cut to the size of a bike lift.
I like the industrial look to it even though it's not all pretty like a Handy lift.

I added a vise from Derek Weaver to replace the dirtbike hoop that was on it when I got it.

Another week for the metalwork... damn I need to learn to weld. I just know this will be expensive

Used it all day today and it's so nice being able to just roll onto it rather than going 9" up the ramp and not being able to reach the ground. Even sunk in, I still can't use the full height on the GS without taking off the windshield.

The only downside, and it's an upside too is that I keep dropping things into the pit. A pain because I have to reach under the lift which is something I don't like doing but on the other hand, no screws took off to never be found again today!
Very nice! (And very jealous!)

Magnet on a handle will become your best friend for stuff dropped in the pit. :)
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