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You may ask what does the "D" stand for? In a word disappointing. Had the opportunity to take one for about 40 mi test ride covering a lot of road types and was underwhelmed. To put this into perspective my other rides are 2011 R1200GS and 2011 Aprilia Shiver.

Power/passion B: acceleration is so linear it's almost boring. It does fine once up to speed but if you happen upon a stoplight with full face helmet wearing riders on anything Japanese or Italian, just don't go there.

Handling A: This is the GT's bright spot. Built in steering damper does a wonderful job of isolating many nuisance bumps, splits, cracks with aplomb, and when in the twisties readily accepts and holds the line chosen. Easy bike to flick through multiple s curves. I even inadvertently covered 1.5 mi of hard dirt and washboard and never felt for a second that I would have to explain scratches from a possible drop.

Touring Ergos C: At 5' 6" I fit the bike reasonably well but forward lean is actually more severe than for the Shiver. Windscreen design must have been done during Octoberfest. The screen acts like an air knife directing a laminar band of air towards the driver which in my case was roughly helmet high.

Sound C-: For lack of a better description, sounds like a sewing machine on a law mower. Aftermarket pipe needs to be part of std offering.

Shifting/Gearing. B: Shifting is smooth and precise. Gearing is tall and definitely hwy oriented. Fortunately, the engine will easily pull from a stop in any gear through 4th with minimal clutch modulation though.

Overall B- : This bike is a competent but overpriced offering. At MSRP BMW should consider adding the sportier can for sound alone, traction control, ESA, and the luggage. It's a bit of a confused machine with touring power train mated to sport handling and ergo's. At the same price Ducati's new Multistrada has everything but ESA, heated grips, and gear indicator and has 15 more ponies. I'm afraid the F800GT won't garner the same attention as the Duc. Too bad for mid size sport touring oriented folks. With the departure of the Triumph Sprint GT, the mid size sport touring sector is a beauty pageant with scant selection of beauties.
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