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Nice ride today and actually got up to 55mph for a few miles. Steering is not too hard although taking off from stop and turning left takes lots of effort. Clutch hand doesn't work all that well so trying to perform a coordinated release of the lever but hold on to help with the push from the right hand/arm is quite difficult for me. In takes a lot of effort (braking, shifting, accelerating, holding on)mostly due to physical challenges and not because of the machine itself. However, these things take some finesse and skill to drive. And I thought you just bolt on the dam thing and drive off into ADV Land.. More adjustments to be made, more skills to be learned, more technique to discover. Anyway, a few more pictures and at some point ill get my questions in order and will be seeking what options beside leading links are there to help with steering and stability(going slow and removing one hand from handlebar or hitting a bump sends it into a headshake)

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