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Occasionally my DR produces an unsettling moan/groan/honk/bad bearing kind of noise when hitting a large whoop. Didn't replace bearings on the first rebuild, just greased them up. So they are probably overdue.

Patient is on the table ready for swingarm-ectomy.

Operation successful.

Things that are not obvious from the exploded view:
  • Spacer #5 has a larger OD than spacers #10.
  • Spacer #5 and spacers #10 have the same ID.
  • Spacers #10 act as an inner sleeve for bearings #7.

I used the smaller Blind Hole Bearing puller to pull spacers #10. They came right out, no slide hammer required. Once they were out of the way I tried to drive out a bearing #7 by hammering spacer #5 through... does not work. The pile of needle bearings and wrecked bearing cage is the result. But the 5/8" - 1" Blind Hole Bearing pulled yanked them out just fine.

New bearings are on order from ProCycle.
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