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Originally Posted by HapHazard View Post
Pretty quiet - everybody must have been out riding their Sportsters today. I was, first time this cold, snowy year! I think it's the latest first ride yet for me. Sunny, comfortable temp for my gear and light traffic (and more sand on the roads than the Sahara).
Hope everyone had a good ride!

Nope, not riding, just working on things in preparation for my upcoming suspension upgrades, Phase I...

Ricor intiminators are ordered, longer Roadster damper rods are ordered, Amsoil 5W fork oil (recommended by Ricor) ordered, Roadster side stand bought from ebay, almost new longer Roadster shocks on hand (also from ebay), and the springs and top caps are removed so I can take then to work for sandblasting so I can powder coat them matte black. Roadster sidestand will also get blasted and powder coated once I get it.

Friday I purchased a new lift stand to facilitate this work since my paddock stands don't work on the Sportster. Also picked up an impact wrench to help with damper rod removal. Also picked up a powder coating thingy, specifically for the above mentioned parts, but I'm sure I'll get a lot of use out of it since I'm always coming up with things that make me say, "Man, I wish this was powder coated black!"

Then yesterday, I assembled my lift, gathered some misc. supplies, made a fork spring compressor and fork oil level adjusting device.

So, now, I THINK I have everything to make this happen once all the parts arrive and I find the time to dive in.

Phase 2 will include Ohlins, and possibly Works dual rate fork springs if the stock springs aren't up to the task once they have a little help from Ricor... We'll see... But that'll all have to wait until I recuperate from the financial drain of the wedding and my new wife's upcoming move half way across the country,

In the meantime though, I hope to gain some much needed cornering clearance, and do something to alleviate the spine shocking harshness of the stock short travel lowered suspension.

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