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Originally Posted by Gary France View Post
Spirit rider - I am looking at that very thing at the moment. I am old-fashioned when it comes to books in that I like to hold a real book and turn its pages. I totally accept there are people that like ebooks but I wonder how well mine will work, with some many pictures? I previously thought ebooks were mainly for text, but I imagine things have moved on now.
+1...Although I'm a big fan of ebooks for text-based content like news and novels...I much prefer print for publications that effectively use photographs as an integral component.

Congratulations on your journey across America. The Southwest is one of my favorite places for motorcycling. I'll be headed that way in June for a multi-state ride up the Rockies.

BTW, I took a motorcycle to the UK for a three-year work assignment. Lived in Nottingham and greatly enjoyed exploring the Peak District on the weekends.
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