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Originally Posted by AntiHero View Post
The track was brilliant. I'll have a detailed report soon. :)

As for Claudio--hmmm, I suppose Vicki might have been the mystery friend who forwarded a link to my R/R over to him. Not sure. One of the Ducati dudes just said 'a friend of Cladio's'. I've exchanged a couple emails with Vicki in the past, but we haven't ever met.
That sounds like something Vicki might have had a hand in. She knows more people inside Ducati than anyone, short of Cladio...

If you've never met her, make of point of doing so.
I met her and Rich 2 years ago at Ducstock and I've never met 2 more passionate, personable and genuinely nice Ducatisti in my life.
In my opinion they are royality in the Ducati world.

Looks like were going to have to add your name to that list soon enough Antihero.

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