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Originally Posted by Bandit240 View Post
Scott, LKQ up in North Charleston always has a half dozen or so 240's. Quite often you see really nice ones with perfect seats. Well at least I always did when I wanted better seats for my '88 760 sedan. As for the ac down here, it sucks. Mine would run full blast all the time and just could keep the car cool.

I was going to suggest to keep a look out for a Subaru before I saw you bought a Volvo. Good thing I read the whole thread. I've switched from Volvo and Nissans over to Subarus. We have 2 1995 Legacy wagons now. If you see a red RHD wagon around, that's me.
Thanks for the tip on parts :)
I am a fan of the Sub's and could see myself driving one one day.. I'll keep my eyes peeled for a red one on the road..
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