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The Faith of a wounded Warrior [Fiction]

How did some fiction made it's way into this Journal? How did writing in a previous chapter entailed my thoughts about cuddling?
Many aspects of this Luxurious Life make their ways into words I feel freely expressing. Maybe they have no convergence of parallel with riding or other aspects of what many might think, yet, they do. Time, “that” luxury, that one, makes the mind run into so many different directions while riding, camping, cooking, playing with Spirit, spending time with true Friends, attending some Music played so freely never too far, watching the skies painted by Mother Nature throughout Sunrises and Sunsets, calendar and clock having vanished long time ago, all conductive for such thoughts.
It is Life to the fullest. They are the inner thoughts taking place as maybe I do not have room for a dry “ride report” not being too concerned how many miles and hours we have ridden, what time we last ate.
Sometimes it is a question asked by a Friend such as “Don't you miss cuddling?”, or maybe it is the heat of this Desert which made me think about a short fictional story. Then again, is it truly all fiction?

Be well, always.

Ara and Spirit

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