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Alright well my suit sold, and Ill be riding in jeans until I make a decision so I need to do it ASAP.

After more and more research, I am now on the Latitude 840.

My fun riding is wherever I end up. I prefer to end up off road.
Once my weather gets better, Ill be off road hopefully 1 day a week for the day.
I commute daily. 7 days a week. Year round except during snow on the roads.

The darien wont do too hot on the trails.
The traverse isnt ideal for road.
The overland is only slightly better for road use
Even though id like to ride more ADV and amount or commuting means I am on the road. Alot.

The latitude 840 is heavy construction to keep me intact should I bust my bum on the freeway on a work day, but also usable ofrroad.

Any input is welcomed and muchos appreciated.

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