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Originally Posted by bomber60015 View Post
I agree . . .wear like that comes from an imperfect fit . . . .
As anyone that owns a pair of CBTs knows they do not offer a sz. 9 and I usually wear 9s. I have the 43 (9.5). So there may be a bit of slippage that can be fixed with the moleskin as mentioned. I think it was a combination of very thick merino wool socks, a bit of sweat and the socks were bunched down just a wee bit causing a seem at my heel. Thanks for the tip on the cobbler. Yes, we do have a old guy cobbler in my town that I go to often for new heels, etc (especially to repair my wife's shoes).

Originally Posted by ph0rk View Post
I use superfeet in mine and they've been great, but I take steps to avoid walking around in them where I can (sneakers in my office, sneakers or sandals with me on trips, usually change right out of them after I commute).
They suck as walking shoes, and I'm using CBT lites.
I have been using some cushioned insoles and that may very well contribute to the issue. I have superfeet insoles in my athletic shoes. I think I will swap them out today and give it a try...then get a new set of superfeet insoles for the CBTs. Thanks!
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