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Guess it’s time to get on with the after action report…

The 5 of us who took the shuttle from LAX finally arrived after 2 ½ hours of Friday afternoon LA traffic…
Arriving at the RawHyde compound we were warmly welcomed by Stephanie and Barbara. After getting us checked in, Wil (one of the Introduction class coaches) showed me to my assigned bunk and then gave me the grand tour of the grounds conveniently ending at the Dakar Bar for a beverage of choice. The bar had your choice of beers, sodas, water and a few other stronger spirits. There Wil left me to get acquainted with the others and went back to help the others get settled.

In the picture above, the building we checked in at is to the right, it had the lounge and couple’s quarters, In the center was the main building which housed the Dakar Bar, Dining Hall and Kitchen. To the left was where the bunkhouse and rest of the lodging was found.

The Bunkhouse was part building, part tent. The walls were mostly structure and a big tent covered it all. The bunk areas were sectioned off by divider walls. Each bunk had a twin bed with full mattress, sleeping bag, pillow and linens. They also had shelves, lamps and a heating pad located under the sleeping bags…I don’t remember anyone complaining about being cold and it was likely in the low to mid 40’s at night. The first night we had a hell of a wind whipping through. The canvas of the tent was making snapping and popping sounds all night. Most said they didn’t sleep that well, made me glad I brought foamie earplugs with me…
I slept like a baby.

There were also a couple other bunking arrangements. There was the trailer on the left that had a slide out tent assembly with storage lockers underneath. There was also the “condo” trailer on the right, that trailer had upper and lower bunk areas.

In the main building was pretty much where everyone who wasn’t sleeping or riding was hanging out.

In one section was the Dakar Bar. Here Jim Hyde (owner of RawHyde Adventures) welcomed us and explained how things were expected to work over the weekend. Everyone was asked to introduce themselves and tell the others where they were from, what they did, what kind of riding experience they had and what they expected from the classes.

The Dining Hall was part restaurant, part training room and part briefing room. Every meal the place was packed. We had about 40 students between the two classes but there was always more than enough food….

Speaking of food, their chefs can cook…The breakfasts were hearty, lunches were fantastic and dinners were just awesome.

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