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Originally Posted by Numnuts View Post
Nice video but I would have loved to hear that motor when he was accelerating onto that highway.
But more importantly, tomorrow I order my 2013 GS with premium plus pkg. That will include the LED headlight but not the alarm, I figure I won't be needing an alarm since I plan on sleeping with it every night. In my garage. Right on top sitting upright. OK maybe not but I will be out in the garage late that first night planning my farkel wish list. Mine will be without spokes, love the look of the alloy wheels, I know their not technically as strong as spoke but for me, they will be just fine since I only plan to go on fire roads once every blue moon.
I'd go with the alarm, well worth it, no? Would you ever consider buying a car theses days without it? Higher resale value and piece of mind I'd say.
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