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Cool2 Four Years Ago Today: To Switzerland and Back Before Dark.


I had only finished my previous ride not long ago and I already had the itch. So, while looking at the map I see a “city” named La Suiza which translates to Switzerland. That’s a good enough reason for me, and a ride was born!

No pictures through San Jose. I am not one of the fortunate who like riding through 3rd world capital cities. Hay demasiado(a) cars, people, street vendors literally in the street and more street vendors. Add to that seven wide on a five lane road, no blinkers, erratic driving styles, etc… Been there done that and only when I must do I dare return.

So the pictures start in Cartago. The shadows hint it is around noon.

We were following a “main” route to Swizterland.

Passed a waterfall; always nice.

A lake.

Man made, but still nice.

I have a thing for curves, on bridges.

A shot down stream of La Represa. Vocab lesson

Time: 1309. Arrive Switzerland.

It was bittersweet, not what I was expecting for Switzerland.

Nor was there mention of them being known for Deep Fried Pork. Chicharones!

Like anywhere in or around the central valley in March, you will see Sugar Cane.

It was time to leave so we headed back into the mountains.

Stopped real quick to read something on the wall of this bus stop.

Back to .

Time is now 1712 and we are closer to home. Roaming around for any bar to celebrate a good ride. We see the Imperial sign and stop here: Bar La Lucha.

There was a moment of hesitation because it translates to “The Fight Bar”. But we quickly though to ourselves, what could be more fun? Two Gringos, The Fight Bar, in the third world, kind-of sketchy looking, likely not much English... Let’s go!

Turns out it is a hidden hot bed for “booty call” sales. First two entries on the right in the above pic are la cantina, Bar La Lucha. Center door, with the window to the left, is the barber shop and low and behold the door number 3, on the left. It leads down a long hallway filled with women which I had first thought was a nail salon. Wrong! Ignorant me. No wonder this sh*t hole, little bar had people in it.

Muchos rides… Otro dia.

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