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I just spent the last few days (at work) reading this whole report...start to finish. It's really pretty fantastic. Your ability to get up and go is something I strive for. Your attitude towards new people and experiences is one that everyone should strive for. The world would be a much better place.

I have to say, though, trust7's comments nearly ruined this whole report for me (I hope you are still reading). If you read through this whole report, you can tell that our hero, the AntiHero, has a truly positive attitude towards people. He, aside from one occurrence in Detroit (not to say that book's cover isn't exactly what it's like inside), played it cool all the time, not judging or worrying about being judged by others. I know you want to get your piece in there (trust7) about you being right about whatever blah blah blah, but in essence, you are wrong. You were a membership away from being one of those people that posts racist insults on youtube videos for no reason. Why does anyone care about your point in all of this? Maybe PM antihero next time because all it did was try to make you look better at being a person than Dennis, which is exactly the kind of point you were trying to make (but in reverse). Let him think what he wants. Let us think what we want (I think that's the point Dennis is trying to make). As long as you are true to yourself, FTW, right? That doesn't mean that douchebags aren't still douchebags, but I think trusting yourself is key, not trying to persuade others to believe like you...sure, you may be right about all the blah blah that you wrote (I think 2 of your posts outworded 60 pages of Dennis') but why write it? It was the largest distraction from the whole story in the 113 pages so far and it was AFTER the trip. Just PM him next time and let us read what people really want to read in ride reports...THE REPORT!!!
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