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Cool2 That's the plan

I have been debating (with myself) about doing a live RR, and I will do it. The ride will be long enough that if there isn't an update for a few days I will not feel too compelled to post.

Dave6253 started a really good thread on "The Art of the Ride Report", there are several posts with the pros and cons of doing during or after.

Since I managed to get a few inmates interested by a post-ride RR. I'll see if I can match it a live one.

The steed will be a 2008 GSA, Heavy bike of course... we know that story.

But to me the perfect touring platform that will allow you not to be limited to strictly tarmac. At least on road that the ST could not have taken us.

We rode to Baja to test the gear, and passed by Coco's corner by doing the stretch from Puertocito to Mex 1, and I will be the first to admit that with my level of experience on non-Tarmac, and the weight of the bike it was challenging but great fun.

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