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Originally Posted by GusinCA View Post
Ah, but has your bike been without any breakdowns over those years? Not that I expect a Yamaha to go that long either, but still, I've found them to be almost unbreakable...
As an ancient piece of machinery it is high maintannce but it's easy, obvious and cheap helped by great parts availability both OEM and after market.
It does need attention sometimes during an actual ride.

It's stopped once on me due to a dodgy relay in the ignition circut.
Not immobile just too much of a hassle to ride when safe storage, easy recovery and alternate transportation was available.

In my 20s I developed a management strategy for Yamahas.
The protocols transferd well to Kawasakis & Honda
It involved ride, weld, sell, replace & repeat.

With Ducs and Laverdas I could not break them ,
They were way too fast beating me to the puch every time and self destructing before I could do any real damage.

I do acknowlwdge modern Yamahas appear to be a superior product but they still feel like a disposable consumer item to me.

Good luck with the fleet.
My bike is slow but the earth is patient.
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