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Originally Posted by ShopGuy View Post
Hey blaster any news? I started back into physio today after a month off. Last pt said I was good to go but things have gone downhill since then. My new pt is telling me that because of the mid joint fusion the other joints (toes) are taking up the slack and are suffering for it. Looks like orthotics are in my future...
At least I can get my mx boots on easily now, the weather is starting to warm up and I hope to be riding next week.
Actually yes....I went to see the man today. I took in MRI's of my foot and ankle and we determined that we will be cross screwing and fusing the first three metatarsals and then working on the ankle to fix an impingement and also a torn ligament. My ankle has been giving me problems so we dug a bit deeper and found these issues. The plan is to wait after my last big trip, Canada, and then go in a make things better. So it looks like my birthday, Thanksgiving, and Christmas will be screwed again this year.

I took your x-rays in and showed them to him and he won't be using plates on me just screws in an X pattern. I also commented to him about your recent issue with your toes and he said that generally happens when all 5 metatarsals are fused. Sorry to hear about your situation...I wish you all the best!
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