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Cool. sounds like you've got a good handle on how you're gonna tackle it. Personally, I like the excitement of keeping up with a live report, and interacting is invaluable, not only to ask questions but also to be able to potentially influence the course of the trip.

It's fine to want to improve our writing, photography, and expression of passion. But it's not like you need a lesson in ride reporting. This one has great expression , and you started this one at the end of 2008 while he started writing about his quest for improvement in the middle of 2010. Sure, I see technical errors in the writing, but the ideas are still conveyed well and in an interesting, passionate fashion. And you sure know how to post a mean photo. Look at this last one; very captivating! Many could take lessons from you.

I've been eliciting opinions about what would be a good bike to use to ride South America two-up, and the GS comes up a lot. Like you, I'm concerned about the weight of the behemoth in offroad conditions. I'd like to be able to demonstrate to some of those cool folks who live there who ride how we ride dirt around here. I've tried that to some degree, and earned a bit of a reputation (loco), but there's only so much one can do with a 125 from the seventies. But when we're taking our ladies along, it's critical that they be comfortable. That indicates a larger, heavier, and plusher bike and fewer excursions down mean dirt roads we would otherwise not be able to pass up if we were solo on a lighter bike.

Are you going to set a firm time window or take as long as you need? Will you be on a tight and strict schedule, or keeping things open to be able to explore opportunities as they arise on the road?
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