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Well, one day, my friend said to him "Trent why don't you just get it over with, sell those two ridiculous things and get a 1200GS, you will wind up with one eventually anyway."

A 19 year old kid, just not gonna happen.[/QUOTE]

I don't know... I had to laugh (inside) the other day when the following occurred:

I went for a ride with my friend - me, '00 1150GS I just bought for $5500. Him - full dress, brand new $20K (probably more) HD.

We stopped in to drop something off at his buddy's house, who came out with his 19 yr/old son. They were admiring our bikes and the kid's dad asked him which he would pick of the two. Well he didn't even hesitate before picking my GS. Perhaps there is some hope for our youth....
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