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The next day, George and I booked our hotel (the Microtel in Robbinsville for those familiar with the area around the Tail) and mapped out the roads we wanted to hit on Google Maps. After getting that mostly taken care of, we started looking at the DRZ while Solomon was at work. All of the safety switches checked out, as did the coils. Then we started checking other things, and discovered that one pole of the stator was open, and the pickup coil (which signals the CDI to fire the plug) was intermittent depending on engine rotation position. We pulled off the side cover with the bike on its side, and discovered right off the bat that the oil was nice and milky. Since it had been rebuilt due to a blown head gasket about 50 miles ago, we chalked that up to contamination and continued onwards. The end result was that the wiring for the stator hadn’t been pushed into its groove all the way (the stator had been replaced at some point) and the flywheel had rubbed the wiring, eventually cutting through and preventing the CDI from getting its crank signal. Sorry, no pics of this part. We were in a hurry to get it all sorted so we could hit the road, and the camera was the last thing on our minds.

EDIT: I take that back, George did have a pic of the stator. You can kinda see the wiring issue in the pic.

After hunting down a soldering iron and some shrink wrap, we fixed that. By then it was around 7 or 8 and we were behind schedule, so we ate a quick dinner and loaded the bikes into the Ram. We left around 9:30 for the 6 hour drive down. We actually ended up driving the Tail at 3 in the morning, in the Ram, with 3 bikes in the back. It definitely got us excited, to say the least. Amazingly, even driving a Ram with 3 bikes in it on the road was still a ton of fun. The truck has shot synchros, so I ran the entire thing in 4th. Gotta love that diesel torque…. We got to the hotel, checked in, and crashed for the night.

Being artsy loading up:

Cheoah Dam

Another with the headlights off:

All of these pics have been taken with my phone. I'm amazed at how well most of them have turned out, really. More to come :)

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