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Originally Posted by GRinCR View Post

I did use a model specific Vapor, at least for a 1990 DR 650, not necessarily the RS. I found it by Google shopping “1990 DR 650 VAPOR”, cheapest vendor, $89 if I remember correctly. Then I started the international shipping and doodies process.

All wires were plenty long with exception of the one for the Temp sending unit. Where you see the CPU mounted in the pic, the wire is about as tight as I would be comfortable with. After a few months of riding I would like it higher up, closer to the windscreen so it would be nice to find a longer one (IMHO).

I haven’t had the opportunity to see a temp reading yet. When I had just finished installing the plug with the copper unit in place, I smashed my head on the handle bars getting up. Of course I got perturbed and readjusted the bars cranking them to the right while cursing. Turns out I had forgotten that I tied the loose end of the wires off on the handle bar to keep them out of the way. Result: stretch and SNAP! Broken wires. Yet another lesson learned.

BTW: final box of parts arrived today… once I figure out this “No Spark” issue that appeared this AM it is time for the teardown.

Thanks Greg,

I have looked around and found Trail Tech sells extended wires for the temp sender. May even be possible to extend them myself as they appear to be normal wires. My plan is to remove the speedo and tach and keep the housing. Then make a plate that covers the original and mount the Vapor, spotlight switch and power outlet to it. Something like this:

Good luck with the rebuild! Finding an electrical problem can be a royal PITA!

Rowie's DR650RS Rebuild
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