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Originally Posted by trust7 View Post
Though I can tell you dressing up as some character at a Game convention, GENCON or otherwise is no facet of weakness or lack of commitment, if you doubt me on this try to make yourself do it sometime, I have been going to GENCON 10 years or more and still never have been able to make myself do it. That act takes guts the likes of which you can't imagine.
I hear what you're sayin', but I don't get it. You decided that dressing up for an occasion is difficult exactly why? Playing a role for an audience (and/or yourself) is only as difficult as we decide it is. My take: If you truly accept your love for the genre, then dressing up as a character and going to an event in that persona is not only easy, it's joyful. (I fronted my blues band as a monk in full kimono and hakama one year, staying in-role for ~6 hours straight to the point it prompted people to ask my best friend whether I was really a monk. It was a riot.)

Not that I'm a gamer, but I see absolutely no difference to being totally in the moment and enjoying your moment as Darth Whomever at a CON versus the same "fuck it" that spurs one to get on a postie bike and ride around the world. Acceptance and self-awareness. When you know the role you're playing and fully immerse yourself in it, the experience can be very self-illuminating; after all, one cannot play a role well without tapping into elements of foundational truth along the way.
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