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Originally Posted by Dracus124 View Post
Japanese bikes are more reliable? this is news?

Nope but the ones owned by the people polled had less problems. Too many holes in the story to jump to the bold claim made in the title.

Were all of the bikes broken in using the very same technique or the best technique suited to each brand and model ?

How many miles were placed on each bike ?

Were all the bikes of similar age and mileage ?

Did each bike from each manufacturer undergo the same level of maintenance ?

Were the bikes that had problems modified in any way mechanically ?

How was each bike ridden (relaxed pace/aggressively?) and where ?

Did any of the bikes sit for long periods of time ?

When the bikes did break down were they able to get parts/service quickly ?

Which brands were the most difficult to get parts/service for ?

How was Consumer reports able to verify any of this ?

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