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Originally Posted by FPGT72 View Post
I am happy when I KNOW why it went it being me stupid or something else.

I am really lucky at the number of times I have almost lost it. Lost half a elevator, one aileron servo...this stuff you could see and hear. Having it go down because of a WTF just happened really ticks me off. Going to have to magnet the wings on my Raidon...they are not being held quite as tight as I would like...last time it came down they had come apart pretty far.
Everyone loves a good long as it isn't your equipment crashing.

I had a Florio Flyer 60 that I had flown for many years at competitions all over the country. All that time I had a modified Helo .60 on it with a Hitori header and pipe. Unlimited vertical from a stop. Great fun. I decided I wanted to put a 120 4 stroke on it so I picked the supercharged 120, bolted it on and got it all setup. First flight out I'm ripping around the field with this gigantic prop on it and next thing I know the right half of the horizontal stab separates from the fuse. I see it fluttering to the ground...I'm trying to get the plane headed back towards the field and find that if I roll inverted it'll fly well enough to get it back. So in it comes, inverted and I plunk it into the nice hard clay soil we have here. I guess the vibrations from the 4 stroke augmented some weakness in the stab and away it came. Clean break so we think it was scored originally when the Monokote was trimmed.

That was the last 4 stroke I've ever bought. They sound cool, but the vibes are crazy!

Still have the Florio and the Helo motor for it. I rebuilt the wing and stab. Just have to put it back together. What a fantastic all around plane. Jim Florio was a genuis!


They're offering kits for all the Florio stuff!!!!
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