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Originally Posted by tremor38 View Post
Is that the same road the fella at the GR forum had the bike come over into his lane and put him in the hospital?

On another note, you don't seem to be this way, but as a few others have commented on, I don't see why people think they need to change how they act when they're on a Harley. I remember going to the vibes rally at Appi Ski Area here in my neck of the woods and passing very long lines of Japanese Harley riders in the on-coming lane. When I noticed nobody would return my waves, I kept my hand waving in the air past hundreds of them as a test. I don't know how many hundreds of Harleys I passed, but not a single one waved. Why is it that most people, even Japanese who ride in some of the most brand and size diverse groups, suddenly behave like a tool when they jump on a Harley?

It's one of the craziest things I've ever seen.

Not sure what incident you're referring to, but the pic above is a road in Fukushima.

You know waving to other riders isn't done in Japan, with the exception of Hokkaido touring. If you really want to freak riders out here, start waving to them when you're in your car.
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