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Gear Review - 9 Months On The Road

A little late due to Cuba's lack of internet but here is a sum up as we see with what gear we are using.

9 months on the road and a good test of gear on almost a daily use.

Firstly, we are astounded at how much gear has failed prematurely or arrived not even working properly, we said this first time round and this has not changed.

We have spent some good money on supposed better products only to have them fail miserably, again this has not changed showing a disturbing trend towards much cheaper disposable products rather than quality (which we thought we had paid for).

While we expect stuff to get damaged or simply wear out the amount of failures so early does raise the eyebrows and make you wonder, again this has not changed and in some cases got worse, nice having a warrantee but a shame to have to use it time and again and even worse still when you are traveling trying to get stuff sorted.

The Gear

ARAI XD 4, mint, perfect for road, adv riding, keeping rain off.

Still absolutely stoked with these, and they are standing up well to near daily use.

KLIM gear, still all as promised, I have since started using the bike shorts under my riding pants, extra comfort, much easier to have a leak as well not having to battle a zip if wearing shorts under the riding gear.

We struck an incredible rain day from Oaxaca to Tuxtepic and I was dry from the gear, only wet down my front because my necky sucked in so much rain and dribbled it down my neck and down my front.

Both Ellen and I are using the Klim ventilated adventure gloves as my Revits wore out and we are very happy with these.

Forma ATV boot, I did have an issue with my right hand boot but Forma Boot did step up to the plate and set us right so their customer service backup is great, thank you to Forma for sorting them out, also on our big rain day they kept my feet dry.

First Gear, Ellens, Kilimanjaro jacket and TPG Escape, very good gear and very nicely cut for female riders, they are meant to be waterproof but when it rains Ellen gets a wet crutch, she loves the inner pants that can be warn as normal pants so dual purpose. The complaints we would say is the Fluro colour has faded very quickly so now looks more yellow than fluro.

Unfortunately with her binning she blew the bum out and they were stuffed, this I will add is NOT the fault of the pants blowing out and we were very impressed how they stood up and saved her from further damage.

Barkbusters, (take two ... same same) a must, nothing more to say than they are the best, we had tortured them in New Zealand on my bikes and now Ellen has taken them to the end and back, her last spill at White Rim Trail she went down very heavily, they are straight and although looking slightly second hand from being rock bashed and rashed they are still fully functional and in remarkably good condition.

The savings on levers and more importantly no hand damage make these “crash bars” essential in our view, even in the Mexico binning they stood up very well .

Screens For Bikes, again another mint product for ADV riding, the shape and height across the board makes these very nice to sit behind.

We have also added a top section on for the bad weather aspects just to add more protection for a longer period or riding.

All in all they work very well and we are stoked with them.

Garmin 660, it turned out that Ellens GPS mount was defective from new as her voice would never work while on the cradle, we did some diagnostics with Garmin over the phone and established the cradle was faulty so they immediately without question dispatched a new one, it now works fine, thanks to Garmin for sorting that out.

Sargent Seats, bum saver supreme, they have softened up over the course of the travels thus have become more comfy, the shape is superb compared to the stocker shocker and after 8500 miles they are pleasure to sit on, these still great at 18800 miles and the seat covers are still in good shape.

Hilliberg, Keron 4 GT, nothing more to say other than get one, strong, quick to put up, great space and vestibule, my only grizzle is the pegs are poorly engineered, new note, nothing changed here and tent is as good as new, the footprint is holding up well even after being put up on every imaginable surface .... even grass sometimes when we are lucky enough.

With moving two of us onto one bike we sent the ***** Hotel home and now have the Nammatj 3 without the big vestibule which we will miss however space and weight are a premium now.

Coleman 508 had to fix the cross bar and it works ok now, still a good solid honest unit accepting petrol no problem .... even in Mexico.

Yoda Star Wars Chair, kids chair and my bum fits in OK, very lite and looks cool as, compact to take on the bike, we have the power of the force with us so that must be a good thing, same same again many hours of drinking around camp fires in comfort, unfortunately we had to send that home to with economizing the space.

Ellens Pink Walmart Chair, still going strong, was getting used and standing up to it, now given to sister due to our lack of room.

AME Heated Grips, we have had some issues to be fair, my left grip came on by itself at 99 degrees in Fresno to full power, I had to stop and pull the power, coming out of Cambria we rode through a cold patch and with my right hand injury I wanted a bit of heat but the grip had died.

We contacted AME grip and their customer service stepped up and took care of them, seems they may have had a couple of problems sets and by way of timing we got them.

Full marks to AME for sorting us out, we love the grip feel etc so happy to stay with them.

Safari 30 L Tanks, awesome, we are getting 441 miles or 708 km before hitting reserve so a very nice capacity and distance, still unsure of full distance running out, maybe another 80 -100 miles??

Our Acerbis locking fuel caps failed on the Dempster by causing a vacuum lock, very unimpressed with these to be honest so it is back to the std caps, we will keep the locking cap purely if we in a dodgy area but will not ride with them on.

Happy Trails Highway Pegs, best $50.00 you will spend (other than on booze), to be able to rest the legs in a new position, also opens your trouser leg for venting on the hot days.

Very happy with these to say the least, nothing changed here ladies and gents, we love them.

Delis Tools LED marker lights, made in USA, both sets shat themselves (shame on you USA) but the company did make good and supply new ones which thus far are perfect so we can’t complain about that.

Kincrome Cases, (the big visible yello ones), after being dropped 25 to 30 times I was very happy with them as they stood up well, unfortunately Ellens binning on White Rim Trail took them past their stay together zone and they smashed, not sure how pelicans or carabou would have done in the same situ but I suspect pretty similar to be fair, I know if they were alloy cases they would have been severely damaged as well so you can choose your poison, everything is a compromise between strength and weight.

We changed to Pelicans and the Mexico binning saw the death of them as well so no cases seem to be bomb proof in a big off.

Home Made Tool Tubes, Delis Engineering Wanaka Division, these have worked out great, they don’t hang below the bashplate line, they have had some pretty harsh conditions thrown at them and stood up unscathed.

With Ellens big crash it took a severe beating but still lives to ride another day.

GP Custom Bashplates, a must and well made, very happy to be running these, seem to be better built with more protection that ones you buy over here.

Again Ellens has been tortured when she took a “shortcut” over a large rock which rumbled along and under, we also bottomed it out at Truckee and put a substantial set of gouges in it

Wallmart 38 cent glue bottle, still going strong!!! and now living on Maya, some of the cheapest stuff last as long as anything.

Motion Pro fuel tap, used for filling our multifuel Coleman cooker, makes it very easy to get fuel for the cooker, no spare bottles required, neat and simple, no pulling fuel lines off and on, this still working superbly.

Ricor Intiminators, these are brilliant, still very happy and know we made the right choice, still not Ohlins or WP but good enough for what we want them to do.

Icebreaker, nothing else to say other than superb, the Merino Wool is an Adventure bikers buddy, having nearly worn my T shirts to death I will need more soon but no cotton just merino for us.

T-Mobile unfortunately we have finished with T-Mobile now having exited the USA, the cell service we got was great and more than covered us for what we wanted.

Scala Rider G9, after having issues with other brands of headset we went to the Scala G9, these worked superbly and once we set them up we could not fault them one bit.

Unfortunately we seem to be destined to not having communication sets as our luck with them has been rotten, by no fault of Scala Rider we are back to hand signals and stopping on this trip.

We already miss them but feel we can’t seem to keep them long enough as Ellen didn’t quite clip my one on properly and it fell to its death.

We would outright recommend the Scala G9, Scala Rider kindly offered to replace our however we declined given the rotten luck we have had.

Scala Rider (Cardo Systems) customer service is right up there with the best of them.

Jesse Cases, having changed bikes and of course luggage systems we were lucky enough to get Jesses to fit the SE with some beautiful and ingenious engineering from Al Jesse.

They have been called the Roll Royce of luggage and we firmly agree 100%, the fit, finish, build and everything about them sets them well above the rest no comparison.

Even our big rain day everything was 100 % dry, let your first cost be your last and enjoy you trip knowing your gear is safe, clean and dry.

Spot 2, during our big rain day Spot decided to call it quits, pretty disappointing given it is waterproof, turns out water had come in through the face somewhere as the battery compartment was clean and dry thus the seal had failed on the top.

Flexx Bars, I was going to sell those to help pay for the repairs to Maya when we bought her, something in my mind said keep them and I am very happy I did, they dampen out vibration very well and hitting the washboard gives nice movement to take out that hammer effect, I would recommend them to anyone hitting anything harder than flat pavement.

Heidenau K 60’s, this is all I want to run now, extreme puncture resistance, good traction and great wearing, they stood up well on the DR’s and now on Maya in Mexican heat with us two up and loaded we are very happy with them, so much so we have organized our tires ahead in Bogata from

Gonzalo Bueno
MFG Ltda
Calle 94A No. 60-30
Bogota, DC

Tels. (571) 611 0155
Cel: 315 394 4989
My Page:

Rigid Industries LED Lighting, we have the D2, firstly the lighting output on these are outstanding, when on at night we don’t know if the SE headlight is on or not as they drown it out.

We did have them fail on a rainy day then die on the big rain day, they took in water despite being IP68? rated, they do live again but blink etc.

Rigid Industries are replacing them under warrantee which is great customer service.
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