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I get 32-34 mpg no matter how I ride the bike around town. I will be satisfied if I can get 40.

Flick, thanks for the tips on that valve. Bike is back together and it sounds and runs good. It seems be accelerate quicker and throttle response is snappier, it also seems to chug less at low rpms. I hope this helps my fuel economy. The guy at the parts place looked at my plug, and with mods bike has recommended a 165 main. Ill run ~50 miles with valve adjustment and re calculate mileage to see if it will help. If not ill try that bigger main.
I assume your air pump on your carb is working correctly?
Where the throttle cables attach to the carb is like a cam, there should be an arm with a rubber tip tracking along this.
Sometimes these arms stick open with dirt/corrosion etc.
Mine ran like a sick puppy until I realized this was the problem.

Now it's much better!
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