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Originally Posted by WOTDesigns View Post
The bands were constantly being installed inside out so I had them not print on the new run. Plus over time the print wears off the inside. I just thought it looked cool, but having it inside out when people receive it makes people instal inside out.

THE RIBS GO TOWARD THE GRIP so that the slightly rougher side faces out.

That creates a concaved surface that also locates the omni and prevents it from wandering.

Its best to try it without the band first as most bikes dont need it at all.

The bigger two holes are purely decorative and fit a zip tie perfectly. I didn't mention anything about it in the instructions as I'm afraid someone will over tighten the zip tie creating an inability to adjust the Omni, or have the zip tie "clamp" get caught on a glove or cable. I planned on making a lanyard, but was advised my my insurance company not to as a dangling omni attached to the handlebars could also be dangerous.

Its sad, but there are other products I have designed that never got launched for the same reason: .01% of all people are dumber than 99.99% of the rest of us... lawyers LOVE those people.

Maggot- Thank you! Hopefully they all by you a beer after using and loving theirs :)

ROSSM- That sure sounds like a well phrased review for my website ;) Sadly most of the reviews on there that I would like to quote for advertising some day left their name off so I can't :(

nytrashman- Thank you sir! I love repeat customers!

After Cyclefest next month I'm going to get some t shirts made. The quotes I've gotten require running at least a few hundred at a time to even be able to ship them for $15, but they will actually be pretty bitchin with a silver metal flake diamond pattern. I can't wait to start doing some shows and get to meet some of you guys!!
Hey ....if your shirts are as good are your Omni-cruise then I'm in for one!!
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