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Originally Posted by MrBob View Post
I've been having adventures of my own and have not had time to keep up with yours, but I do have a bike question.
One of the bikes I'm shopping for is a DR 650. Almost all of my riding is above 5,000 feet where engine-cooling air flow can be thin. Given that the DR doesn't have liquid cooling, have you had any issues related to overheating?
Nope, no issues whatsoever of overheating due to altitude. My most extreme high-altitude riding was in Bolivia, where I spent about a week being above 10,000 ft and climbing up to 16,566 ft! and DR ran like a champ I think the colder temps that come with altitude make up for any loss in density.
Remember that the DR has a huge oil cooler, which is very efficient and Suzuki perfected this technology with their racing bikes and it works

Here's the video from that high altitude crossing and you can hear how the DR just purrs along

J A Y on a 98 Suzuki DR650SE (sanDRina)

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