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OK, so this is starting to look like a BYOB event. Here are some tips for you folks that ain't from around here.

Cruso is dry. That means they are God fearin' folks that don't want any trouble out of a bunch of drunks. You can't buy alcohol in Cruso. We don't mind you drinking it, you just can't buy it.

Waynesville is the closest place to buy adult beverages. If you want hard liquor, you have to go to a state owned liquor store. They are called ABCs. That way the state not only gets the taxes, they make the profit too. Sweet deal for the state.

Beer and wine can be had grocery stores. Convienence stores sell "NASCAR" beer (Bud, Miller Lite, etc.) The best selection of bottled and canned beer can be had at Ingles Supermarkets.

Asheville (about 30 miles) is known as Beer City USA. If you like English type ales (which I do) it really is the best beer city in the States. I almost got in a fight in Portland, OR over beer. That would involve some drinking and riding (any Harley types coming?).

Don't look at this as an inconvienence, look at it as "Adventure Drinking"!

"We blew it." -- Wyatt in Easy Rider
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