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I don't ride much.
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I'd reach for 000 or 0000 steel wool.
I guess I was thinking that it would rust too much... but maybe not???

Overall, it sounds like the quality of the kit leaves something to be desired. Do you think that's accurate, or is that just a skewed perception from us seeing what causes issues, but not along for the glorious rides?
Well - two issues here... the first you hit the nail right on the head - it is me just venting the problems here, and as you said, not really going on about the cool factor and the fun of a small bike. This things weighs little, has EXCELLENT curb appeal, and handles great, is reliable (knock wood), lots of fun to ride, goes good, stops hard, turns well... the kit is very complete, great service after the sale, has a big following on some other Savage site, etc. etc... The things that went wrong are minor,and at the end of the day, were all quickly and easily fixed. The kit and finished product is really good, IMO, albeit with some builder improvements along the way. I've the carb just about dialed in, and now with just over 100 miles ridden, I'm really digging the bike. EDIT: back to the original pilot jet and all is well with the jetting.

The second and completely separate thing is the value of the kit. I really liked the Scrambler look more and was looking for the bigger seat and (yet unavailable) luggage rack for the practicality of it all, but the Street Tracker kit is a much better value. The kit costs $1,000 less and still looks the part. Much of the justification is a very expensive seat assembly which is probably wholly unnecessary. I would really be just as happy with a simple bolt-on seat - dirt bike style. I also added $8-900 in kit expense in extras. Some stuff, like the extra gauge, heat shield, etc was worth it. I'm not sure what the standard shocks are like, so I can't be sure if the Progressive rear shocks are worth the extra money.

Anyway - at the end of the day, using a $1,500 donor bike, I've got $6,000 into her; not much less than a used Triumph Scrambler, but it's probably worth $3,000 or so, if I were to guess. If I were to do it again, and I had the time, I bet I could do a similar project for MUCH less buying only what I needed along the way.

Had it in the dirt yet?
Nope. While this would be fun for some smooooooth gravel roads, just because it has bars and is small, that's about all I'd go on. Maybe the occasional hard-pack trail. Really, this is a Scrambler in style only - the peg position and suspension tell me that this really is a street bike.

Thanks for the after-build update! That's the crucial bit that is so often missing.
I think my work here is done.

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