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Originally Posted by muttley92 View Post
That was considered. It's 3mm stainless 304 on both sides, since the engine deadweight is only around 40kg max and majority of the weight is on the rear mount I think it will be just fine. But I'll keep an eye on it and if it should crack I'll find a solution.
Dead weight is nice. That's your statics class. Have you taken dynamics? What about when that thing starts up and flexes those welds to death? The LC4 is known to be a paint shaker. I'd seriously rethink the design of that front mounting system.

Also: the LC4 doesn't need an oil tank at all. The original engines didn't have one, nor did the strictly off-road models. The oil capacity was to add some extra oil to wear out and burn, as well as a place to mount an external oil filter. On the original design, the filter was located where the e-starter lives now.

Have you considered something like an automotive remote filter mount and using the largest oil filter you can find? That should add 500cc of capacity and a filter without having to worry about that oil tank failing.
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