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well since we talking OJ bikes

I have owned this one twice. bought it from bike shop owner who completely rebuilt it with factory parts 17 yrs ago, then put it shed because he couldnt find exaust or carb for it. ive owned it since 2006, took two years to find carb and exaust.. it runs decent and Sting will Attest it will pull my Fat Ass around pretty good!! since ive tried to sell it twice and no one is interested it is going to get the rake angle changed, I made two "stop Sign side covers for it tonite (this morning) im going to widen the pegs and lower them 1", I located the correct size exaust tubing to go from front head pipe to the back so i can install a Super Trapp muffler/spark arrestor on it..
I hope to beable to come and ride with you New Mexican Trialers this summer!!
Brewtus if you have extra seat pan I can sew you a seat cover, mine is hand made from a piece of Vinyl I cut off of a black couch out at the County Landfill!! I would save you a ton on duct tape, and you would then beable to purchase more of that So called Beer you drink!!
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