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Tibial Plateau fracture - from a kickstarter failure

Sunday March 17th I decided to get my "new" 1947 BSA B31 started for the first time.

To cut a long story short, the kickstarter pawl slipped, I hyper-extended my knee and buggered it up somewhat.

I waited until Monday to head into the hospital, they x-rayed it and sent me home.... nothing showing on the x-ray and the surgeon I'd requested had asked them to organise an MRI. Got the MRI at 7pm Tuesday and the guy there sent me straight back to the emergency dept to get splinted up. Saw the surgeon Wed evening and he immediately scheduled me for a Thursday morning operation.

Here's a shot of the MRI

I'd knocked a 17mm round section of the tibial plateau down into the tibia by 4mm. "This is serious" said the surgeon. I had some arthritic degradation on the left side of the joint (I'm coming up on 58 in July), but the right side and centre of the joint were good.

He said my options were to let it heal by itself, but that would lead to very rapid arthritic degradation of the right side... and I'd just buggered the good centre... so that wasn't a good idea. The next option (recommended) was a stop gap repair - artificial bone graft, plate and screws. I'd still get degradation and would need a full knee replacement sooner rather than later... and the third option (not recc) was a full knee replacement now.

Come Thursday and the op was done. This was a day or so later when they whipped the drain out.

Here's the repair

Nice eh?

The leg is in a brace - locked at 30 degrees, which keeps the joint unloaded apparently. I'm in a rehabilitation hospital now, doing core and upper body exercises to improve my ability on crutches.

The leg is non-load-bearing for 6 weeks, then we see what happens from there. My guess is plenty of physio to get back the muscle wastage, etc.

I've gone from one pill a day to taking about 17 or 18.... which pisses me off. I've cut back on the opiates (Endone) to twice a day.

What a pisser eh?

Here's the Beezer

Should've known by looking at that kickstarter that it wasn't right
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