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Originally Posted by PhilB View Post
It DOES mean push with left arm. To go left, you push the left handlebar, turning the wheel to the right -- that's why it's called "countersteering".

yes when that is the first phase of the turn looking at it that way it is correct......... but many in here seem to be arguing differently saying push left means push the bike leftward by steering leftward (right arm push) out of one side of their mouth yet admitting counter steer must occur. So the line of "push left or right" creates just as much confusion as the concept of counter steer. Thus the notion it may be better to say as mentioned previously

For all turns

LOOK into it, counter out, steer in , look in, look in, look in...

or shorter
Look in, counter, steer in, look look look

maybe better

Look into, Counter out, steer thru

These identify the counter steer, and identifies the changes (or not) in handlebar pressure to maintain the turn.

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