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Originally Posted by tricepilot View Post
September: Cross on the 25th @ Tecate and pull into Cabo on the 3rd of October. With Tim Morton on his longest Baja tour.

Next week's Junction Ride is one of the warm ups on the KTM. I'm doing the 500 mile challenge ride.

Last month's Big Bend Ride was one of this year's warm ups on the KLR - which is going on the market. It was on that ride doing the 50 mile sandy River Road when I decided to park the KLR and notch it up.

I'm 56 and didn't grow up on dirt. I realize I'm diving into the deep end of the pool with others who have been on the swim team for years.

Morton's Baja Bound tour is perfect for me in the sense that I'll be stretched outside my comfort zone. My "group" is largely younger Aussies who live and ride in the Outback.

Right now I'm using Tim's bike prep guide and making a few more mods to the bike, such as better lighting for night riding and a bib mousse for the front.
Which KTM?
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