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Day 3

Thanks to DJ CYCLES and his girlfriend(who brought a stove, cooler, beer and group food) we had a great breakfast! Due to a few factors we got a start just before noon, but we were on vacation and many of us were tired from the overtime work for the week prior, so we didnt care much. Its a day for an easier loop!

We got gas and scooted down 190 to 20 Mule Team Canyon, which made for a nice dirt primer, the whole crew was convinced airing the tires down was a good idea! We continued down 190 to the turnoff for Dantes View (Furnace Creek Wash Rd), which was a nice sprint up to a 5500' view of BadWater @ -282'!

We ran down from Dantes and took the dirt road to the South, this is where Furnace Creek Wash Rd and Dantes View Rd intersect. We aired down to decent pressures and hit the dirt to see what we can learn of ourselves and our bikes! jrsride2002 was awesome and hung back with panda! and jejtastic (our self-appointed "Slow Team")

and did some reassuring and educating. Both learned and advanced quickly, they rolled up at the end with big grins and confidence that was many steps ahead of where they were just 1 hour before! All of us had a good time and learned alot, we even decided to scrap the previous plan of running the Badwater Rd slab, instead we ran South to North up Westside Rd! West Side is in real nice shape, but has enough hazards that you have to keep your eyes open. A few minor sand washes, loose corners and ruts, the standard stuff! One of these ruts, caught me off guard and I ended up not being able to avoid it and it spit me out the far end, headed for the outside berm and open rocky desert beyond. I prepped for the spill, but at the same time recalled my early BMX/MtnBike days. I got the bike stable and when I hit the berm, I leaned into the turn, and wacked the throttle and before I knew it , it was all over with! I'm really hopping that DJ CYCLES' GoPro was still running at that point, since he was hot on my tail!

pic by jejtastic
Toward the end (north) in the saltflat areas, there are some runoff washes that can sneak up on you! The deepest of which, did sneak up on me and I had to wack the throttle again, about that time is when I heard the theme song to the Dukes of Hazard! I'm sure it felt better in my gut than it looked!

reaymorgan's DR650

My brother's '92 XR675L/SM

panda!, jejtastic & jrsride2002

After that we hit the pavement and checked out Devil's Golfcourse

Artist's Drive and Artist's Palette!

The sun was setting, so we ran back to the camp, our beer and dinner!

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