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My wife and I discussed this last evening as we drove home from her parent's place after Easter Dinner. In Canada, we get to keep the full Jackpot amount without if this week's LottoMax is $40 million (which it is) you get to deposit the whole sum after you've cleared the background checks.

We figured we'd give my parents, her parents, my brother and his wife a million dollars per couple. We have a set of really good friends who are not well off financially, and we figured we'd slip them half a million.

One of my best friends, one of the groomsmen at our wedding and my old partner from work was injured in a Motorcycle Accident almost 3 years ago when some 17 year old in a cage T-boned him. It ended his Paramedic career, and he still has yet of receive any type of settlement. While not an ADV rider, he's been clear across the country on his Kawasaki Nomad and his Harley and is very active in the CMA. We'd give them a million.

Now, how much do I have left? 35.5 Million? Hmmmmm...

Gonna invest about half of that...gotta make sure that I can continue to live comfortably while pursuing my dreams, right?

So, I've got - what, 17.75 million to play with?

Better open up some College Funds for my son and my nephews. And buy them some dirt bikes. Every kid's gotta have a dirt bike, right?

I'd take the whole family (Me, Little Stain and Mrs. Stain) to some warm, exotic location, and probably Disney World. Then, we'd leave Little Stain with Grandma and Grandpa and go some place warm for me and the Mrs.

Then when we were home, have to hook up with a Realtor for one of these:

And then a huge shop to play in:

I'd certainly need one of these:

And one of these:

And then I'd have to plan my trip around the world.

After that, I'd probably just sit around my huge house, eat cheetos, watch pr0n and masturbate.
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