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Originally Posted by redprimo View Post
Did you anneal the tubing or heat it up and try expanding it while red hot. I'm just curious because I have my first exhaust project comming up and I will be using stainless tubing.

Id love to see some pics from the Op as the project progresses, will you also be fabing up a muffler?
I'll be posting pics in my build thread in the some assembly required forum.

I built a header from scratch last time for a CBR600, wow that was an exercise in humility. I did it out of carbon steel as I also have a tubing bender for some of the shallow bends and the guy I bought the tight radius bends from said it would work better than stainless.

For this project, I am using the stock Ninja header, and coming from the much discussed swage back under the motor and up the side of the subframe like all the other exhausts you see. I'll be doing it out of stainless and then using a carbon fiber Scorpion can I bought off ebay yesterday for $50. I like the carbon cans because they are really light and don't get hot like stainless.

The only crap part about building it out of stainless is back purging the tube with argon the whole time you are welding it. But it's a fairly simple task once you have done a couple. This will be my third exhaust and hopefully I don't make any mistakes.

Even if the tube cracked like the pics above, I'd be fine with it as I would just weld it back up
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