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Originally Posted by Kiko View Post
Fixing the usual flat, I learn something on every trip, for example, don't use X-heavy duty tubes, cuz harder to patch, and harder to push the stem in the wheel if you don't have a fishing tool, Also you can lube the bead with a few drops of oil off of your dipstick to slide the tire back on.
I have the kind, and I can't recommend it enough, that screws into the valve stem once you remove the core with a valve core remover. If it were made of gold I would still buy it. Simple route the whip stem of this device through the rim's valve hole and then as mentioned, screw the end into the coreless valve. Pull the valve stem through the rim, unscrew the puller, and replace the valve core. So easy, fast, simple, brilliant, that Einstein would have one. If you really want to go Big Johnson, place the valve stem locknut on the whip step #1 and when the valve is pulled through the rim you can thread the locknut before you unscrew the puller, to guarantee it ain't going anywhere.

Here it is. Zero fishing, probing, pushing, hoping. Save that for the second date.

This nifty $7 device makes the formerly hardest part of changing tubes the easiest.

Tubes: I carry 2 spares per wheel size. When flatted, the flatted tube comes out and goes into storage. New tube goes in, no questions asked. I'll tend to the patching job at the hotel/home.

Nice tip on using engine oil to lube the bead/rim. Not the perfect material for the job but a good tip in a pinch. Usually, tires (tubes) flatted on a ride are pliable enough due to heat and with proper technique can be spooned in by just pinch dropping the opposite side bead into the rim's "well".

Goes without saying as most regulars here will have them, but here is an item for the tire kit as much as it is for campers:

I carry two of these. Try dealing with a flat issue without this item as dusk falls and you'll never travel without at least one. Again. Ever.

And if you're over 40, carry two pair of your reading glasses. At least one pair goes into your tire flat kit (or tool kit). You know what I'm talking about.

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