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Originally Posted by Gun Smoke View Post
After 67,000 trouble free miles and for no good reason I replaced the stock suspension on my 12GS with the Ohlins. What a waste of money and now the Ohlins have been rebuilt after only 17,000 miles. I should have left well enough alone. I could tell a little difference but it certainly wasn't life changing. Other than stock panniers and a tankbag the Ohlins were the only farkle to ever be installed on my GS and I regret it.

My 2001 1150GS had 82,000 miles when I sold it. The stock suspension was fine. I'm about as average build as you can get. 180#'s and 6' tall. When touring I can fit everything I carry in the three stock panniers (maybe 35#'s I've never weighed it).

That said I rode the demo LC a week ago and it's the finest motorcycle I've ever had the pleasure of throwing a leg over. My brother rides a 12 Multi which I thought couldn't be improved upon until I rode the LC. It is sublime.

For anyone who is new to this forum and happens upon this thread. I know after some reading you may get the impression the LC GS is the worst motorcycle ever built and will certainly fall to pieces in under a year. I don't know why there is so much complaining but it is what it is. If you're reading this know that the complaining done here is completely unjustified and done mostly by folks who've only seen pictures of the bike. The same thing was done when the 12GS came out. It was the worst motorcycle ever to roll down tarmac and anyone who bought one was sure rue the day they ever took delivery. My 12GS like the 1150 before it has been the finest bike I've ever owned and absolutely trouble free after a combined 160,000 miles. My 1150 is still out there riding with a new owner.

I don't know why but this forum in particular is the most whining and quibbling bunch for some/no reason. It never fails. Some new technological tour-de-force is released and invariably before it hits the showroom floor it's the worst thing ever built. At the same time a rattle trap KLR650 that's knocking like a Jehovah Witness is god's gift to mankind.
Spare us the sycophantism. This thread is chock full already.

It's more than OK that you didn't think that your Ohlins were worthwhile. I truly believe that has more to do with the way you ride a motorcycle than the effectiveness of aftermarket suspension and/or that your particular Ohlins were not adjusted remotely close to being effective.

If you're not into extracting the full performance from a motorcycle to the extent that you can then your opinion on the subject must be weighted. Not one of the stock BMW shocks I have used was worth a hill of beans after 15 to 20K on the clock...check that, not worth a hill of beans. The two BMW's that were/are near the top of the handling heap of the motorcycles I've owned, for ME, were the ones I put either Ohlins, Penske or Hyperpros on.

Not all here need to have the new LC's goodness reinforced endlessly in our minds. Some, but not all here are whiners. We, (if I may speak) know that the new bike is good. It is not without flaws.

I apologize in advance if I am being cruel, but I took umbrage to your statement about the global whining; pot, kettle, black, etc.
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