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Originally Posted by tricepilot View Post
...Here it is...This nifty $7 device makes the formerly hardest part of changing tubes the easiest.

I have the same one. Just used it this weekend to take off the street tires and mount the dual-purpose tires.

Tubes: I carry 2 spares per wheel size. When flatted, the flatted tube comes out and goes into storage. New tube goes in, no questions asked. I'll tend to the patching job at the hotel/home.
I carry one set of tubes per wheel. Like you, when the flat occurs the flatted tube goes in storage, the new tube goes on the bike. I'll repair the flatted tube at the hotel with my patch kit.

Nice tip on using engine oil to lube the bead/rim.
I use Windex or camp soap. I used Windex in the garage this weekend. Your face shield spray also works well. I also carry a small bottle of camp soap for this same purpose.

Goes without saying as most regulars here will have them, but here is an item for the tire kit as much as it is for campers:

I carry one with extra batteries. I also have a white canvas ground cloth. All parts and tools go on that ground cloth. It makes it easier to find the tools and parts as you do the repair, even in daylight. I also plan to be at the destination 2-hours before sunset. This leaves me contingency time if a repair incident happens so that I don't have to ride at night.

And if you're over 40, carry two pair of your reading glasses. At least one pair goes into your tire flat kit (or tool kit). You know what I'm talking about.
I will add that I practice my repairs in my garage with the reading glasses on and not my progressive lenses in my regular glasses. When I ride it's contact lenses, and the readers go in the tank bag. The progressives are my back up, and I carry extra contacts too.

Guys don't forget to tighten the nuts when you put the wheel back on! I almost forgot this weekend and only noticed when I took the bike off of the centerstand. I was too eager because I had essentially finished the job except for the most important part! SAFETY!

Good sidebar topic!

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