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Originally Posted by kenny61 View Post
Did you fall and severely impact your head? If not that's like saying I wore a string bikini and nobody laughed at me when you only wore it in your secluded back yard barbecuing. My chain us used as designed every time I ride...big difference
My point was that anecdotal evidence is not nearly proof enough to call my post "nonsense." You have a total of five clip links and none of them failed. That is hardly an exhaustive study.

Look around the internet; it is full of stories of failed clip links. Sure, a failed rivet link will pop up once in awhile, but you can't deny that it happens far more often with clip links. Clip link guys commonly counter that it's most likely because they were installed incorrectly. That's fine and all, but they seem to be installed incorrectly quite a bit judging by how often they fail compared to rivet links.

Riveting a chain is easy, and it's cheap insurance in my opinion. Other than the initial cost of the tool (I got my Motion Pro riveter for about $70 if I'm recalling correctly), I can't see a real downside to riveting over clip.
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