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I've had the same stainless and gold Rolex for 28 years. Don't tune it up like I should but damn. The cost of the tuneup makes me think I'm at the Porsche dealer. is just a piece of jewelry that approximates the time somewhat better than a sundial.
Much of the cost has to do with replacement parts. I sent my older GMT Master (1990's) in for service. It was running fine but it was 15 years old. I thought they would just take it apart, clean, lubricate, and calibrate it. For $650 bucks they put a new dial, new hands that glowed again and new bezel that was faded and shipped the old bezel, hands and dial back with the watch. They then polished out all the old scratches. When I got the watch back I was amazed. For $650 they basically sent me a new watch back. I was happy. I bought the new ceramic GMT Master a year or so ago but haven't worn it too much. I really like that watch. I also bought a Day Date with the super jubilee bracelet and that gets a lot of wrist time. Other than leather it's the most comfortable bracelet I've ever worn. The watch I wear most days and is my favorite right now is an IWC top Gun I picked up. I've been really happy with it. I love IWC and think they're actually as good or better quality than Rolex. I have an IWC spitfire too which is a cool watch. I want to get oe of the Mirimars but wonder if the green will fall out of my favor. I collect wrist watches and have a few Doxa, Ulysse Nardin, Fortis, a Navitimer and a collection of ships chronometers by Ulysse Nardin. Another brand I'm really fond of and they're tough as nails is Sinn. I have Sinn EZM 3, U1, U2 EZM 5, UX EZM 2 B. The best way to keep a collection in good shape is to keep them on winders. Don't get me started on complicated pocket watches.

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