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Picked her up Saturday!

O913 is mine.
Its been a long wait and I am thankful this thread has been alive during it!

I'm 5'10" / 30" Inseam / 210 lbs / 50 YO.
I have been riding since I was about 7, dirt and street.

Due to weather and the holiday weekend I only managed 68 miles so far.
Some 75 mph interstate, some two lane blacktop even some gravel! Standing up on the pegs looking over the bars I can see myself and my big stupid grin in the front fender!
I ditto much of what has been reported by others regarding the Gearbox, Torque delivery, Fueling, Brakes all excellent, absolutely no complaints!
This Bike fits me perfectly! It is exactly what I imagined it would be.
It is what was advertised. It lives up to carrying the Honda heritage in the CB line.
My dealer Station Park Honda in Louisville Ky. could not have been a more pleasing expierience if you like no pressure, laid back good ole boy treatment and a really fair OTD price.

One thing is for sure the Tank Paint is PERFECT and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna cry if / when I scratch it so please let us all know how the Clear Bra works out.

I will have some pics soon but really dont know how to post them without a smug mug account and I dont think I want to pay for that.
May change my mind tho.
Let those that dont want none have memories of not getting any.
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