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KLRoger Ė I am afraid you have touched a nerve there. You are so right about part 2, as I would love to be able to complete the map and say that I have ridden in every state. Alas, I have no plans currently for a part 2, but one day.....

I am however going to be able to cross a few more states off later this year, as I am riding from Daytona in Florida to Galveston in Texas. So, I will have covered the great state of Texas, or at least a pat of it!

As to your question about Europeans fearing for their safety in the USA. I have real mixed views about this. Before my long journey through America, I gave this a lot of thought. We hear so many news stories about mass-shootings and general gun crime in America that of course, it plays on your mind. It didnít put me off riding a motorcycle across America at all, but I did worry about it a little before I started. During the trip, I hardly gave it a momentís thought. I was staying in motels most nights and if I had been camping I probably would have thought about it more. I experienced absolutely no trouble of any kind on my trip and found that away from the big cities, the people were generally all very friendly and welcoming, to the point that I was very relaxed indeed. In the big cities I was much more careful of where I went and was deliberately more aware of my surroundings, but I do that in my own city of London.

Overall, I didnít fear for my safety and that would never put me off travelling around America. As an Englishman, I tread very carefully about the current US gun law debate, for I can see it is a complex issue for America. I live in a country where most forms of guns are not allowed (except shotguns for hunting) and shooting incidents are rare. Am I happy about travelling around a country like America with such widespread gun ownership? Yes, I am, but it is only natural to worry about what could happen. I found the key was simply to be careful and not to get into any situations that could lead to confrontation. Having said that though, it is exactly the same approach I take when travelling anywhere in the world, so America is really not a lot different to most places in that respect.
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