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A bit more progress today. Here's the staples coming out.

Two nurses to do this... well, one nurse and a student nurse observing. They were both very impressed with the quality of the wound. I take it that was a vote of confidence in the surgeon.

Now that Easter is over, I'm back on an enhanced exercise regime. Its into the wheelchair and off to the gyms twice a day now. I keep scaring the crap out of the physios, because I'm so much faster moving than the geriatrics they normally have, especially when I'm doing stairs on the crutches.... and also because I'm a lot bigger than them. They worry about me falling on them and them not being able to stop me. Believe me... I'm working on NOT falling. I'm using their heaviest weights.

Three docs called in today and were, I think, talking about me staying for 6 weeks. Um... no thanks. Home isn't too well set up for someone on crutches, but I'd go stark raving nuts here if I was in that long. Can't see any need for it... although a trip to the shower is going to be a rudie nudie trip from the bedroom to the bathroom and back. We'll see what the surgeon says next Monday.

Oh yeah... no more supplementary opiates. I'm still on the slow release Targin, but no Endone now for 48 hours. Can't see any reason to want it again. Not pain free, but not in any serious discomfort.
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