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Hi all,

Posted on here a coupla years ago but have been lurking ever since. Still have an '89 Dominator with about a million k's on it but have a couple of tech questions:
1) I'm reading the workshop manual trying to pull my forks to pieces to check bushes as I'm replacing fork seals and oil. I've removed the fork slider socket bolt (on the bottom of the forks - allen bolt with copper washer) and now the fork piston and return spring have slid out the top. The manual says to move the fork slider in and out, "tapping the bushing lightly" until fork tube and fork slider separate. Does this mean, just keep working it in and out until they separate - the slider pulling out the bushing? I can't see any other way I can tap it.

2) I have the brake off too, and am trying to replace the pads. I say trying because I successfully took the old pads out, but now the new ones won't fit in . I suspect my piston is very very sticky, and wondering how people get around this. Put the old pad back in and hit it with a drift? Soak the whole lot in WD-40? I did stick a screwdriver in there when I was taking the old pads out; but didn't notice that the pistons didn't move. I notice now

Any help much appreciated. I was getting spongy braking, really soft suspension and repeated diving and rising on braking, so figured suspension and brakes both needed work. I'm replacing disk as well as pads, but wasn't planning to do any more on the suspension than fork oil and seals.
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